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Alex has a job she likes, doing tech support at Cowling University, and a beautiful, if difficult girlfriend, Jasmine. Life is good. That is until Alex’s boss reassigns her to work in the university’s saddest little library. Alex feels like she’s been banished to a stuffy, quiet hell.

Then Alex meets Cait, a living definition of ‘sexy librarian.’ She’s hot, smart, and her accent is to die for. But Alex has a girlfriend she loves and a job to get done.

When the library pushes back on the system updates Alex was sent to implement, Alex must work closely with Cait to find a solution. Can Alex stay professional and maintain her relationship with Jasmine while working side-by-side with the alluring librarian?

Coming to Amazon June 7, 2021

Mel Park is just starting to get her life together and she has no time for romance. But when Amelia first lays eyes on Mel she is immediately entranced.

What kind of match can quiet, sheltered Amelia be for tough, independent Mel?

When Mel’s dark past catches up to her, Amelia only wants to help. But getting involved could be the end of everything.